Human's emotions

Every human has a biological brain structure, and as a mammal this strtucture includes emotions and social needs. For a mammal to feel loved and not lonely (unlike me :( ) one must be able to share emotions in a quick and an effective way, so society of mammals can adjust themself accordingly. If you think about it, while mammals evolving, they were live in the herds of 10-20 animals more or less. So capturing emotion from a herd this small was easy with the right method.

What was this easy method?

Mammals espiacally humans, have great amount of face muscles. Maybe those muscles first aim was to, move eyes or ears; may be it was for eating. But one thing is for sure those muscles was capable of micro movements like twitching and speaking and was at one of the most visible places on the body. So they became one of the best ways to comminicate.

Emotions transferred in the herd with micro-movements of face muscles and proccessed in the sub-consciousness. This type of emotion communication created a herd consciousness without inviduals realising. That's way seeing someone face to face is much more efficent to communicate than on the computer

And what about technologic adaptation?

Technology does not only cover electronics and internet. In the old times writing was a new techlonogy. But it didnt used for communications for a long time. When people started writing for communicating they tried to put emotions to the text. And litterature was born.

Micro changes like, words, exclamation marks used by sub-consciousness to maintain herd consciousness. There is many words which means the same thing but they create different emotion in people.

After this adaptation to text, texting came with electorics and internet. This way of very fast communicating caused texts to shrink. Shrinkin text means less emotions in it. Less emotions means discomfort for people. One of the solutions was using different short versions of the same words, but ubviously that was not enough. So first emojis born with the help of creative people who draw faces with exclamation marks

And thats how and why emojis born

Its no suprise emojis reflect emotions in text. The real point of this post is to remind that not only emojis is used for emotion transfer between inviduals.

Micro movements of face muscles, little differences in the text and body language is used for transfering emotions too. Video compressing that destroys micro movements, need to text fast and much more reasons blocking these methods. This causes bad user experience and discomfort.

What should we do then?

Absolutely nothing! Keep developing technology as we already do. Human brain can and will find another methods to transfer emotions to inviduals. However it would be nice to make its job easier.

Espacially upcoming technologies like Virtual Reality, should consider these micro events in the development phase so that product come up can create good feelings on the consumer. Not just on regular users, but it should be considered for architectures, engineers, developers and designers which will benefit from virtual realty a lot. So that they can work hours without discomfort.

That's it folks...