Hello there, I wanted to share couple of youtube channels thats punished by mainstream youtube algorithm. These channels are about geopolitics, sociology, economics, history, engineering, science and mathematics. I owe big chunk of my general culture and general knowledge this channels and since a lot of my friends ask about the channels I wanted to maintain a list of channels that I follow.

If you want a quick overview check Uncategorized Short List and Personal Favorites. You can also go further and check categorized channels with a bit of explanation.

If anyone wants to add another channel, comment here or send me an email. For anyone using git a merge request is also welcome.

Educational Entertainment Youtube Channels

Uncategorized Short List and Personal Favorites

Categorized list



Engineering and Tech History


Geopolitics, Economics and Sociology

Engineering, Science and Mathmematics

Makers and artists

Science Updates and Recent Developments


Engineering and Tech History

Today’s Issues

Mostly USA and global daily politics. Its hard to find any resource in english for other countries, and even harder to find entertaining youtube resources.